DiY Egg Foam Tool

diy egg foam tool samplesMcFly Foam eggs are easy to tie, but tend to waste about double the material that is needed to tie the actual egg. With this simple tool you can tie eggs with virtually no waste.

There are commercial tools out there that work the same for the most part, but one shortcoming of those and the first DiY tools I made were they were too long. Once the foam goes into the tool, you can't keep the tension on it and you'll end up wasting that last 2 inches or so. This one is smaller and you end up being able to keep tention all the way up to the last 1/4" or so.

Give these a try if you want to be able to crank out eggs in less than 45 seconds!


diy egg foam tool step04Start with a clicker style pen. I've found "Bic" brand work perfectly, but others will work fine as long as they have a nice strong tip. Take the pen apart and put all the bits in a bin, you'll probably find a use for those later for another project.

Take the tip and cut it off just behind the flange leaving just the tapered tip. I find a sharp razor pressed firmly cuts pretty easily and leaves a clean edge.

This will leave you with just the tapered tip that will have 3 or more pieces of foam threaded through it, see the next steps...


diy egg foam tool step01 diy egg foam tool step02 diy egg foam tool step03

diy egg foam tool step09To thread your McFly Foam into the tool, take 3 strands of the foam and line them up.

Use a nice long piece of Braid or very strong line folded in half and threaded into the tool from the tip to base. (I've found wire tends to break after 1 or 2 threadings, Spectra Braid works perfect and lasts.) Put the ends of the 3 strands into the loop and pull through

Take your utility scissors and cut the foam so just a little is sticking out. 

diy egg foam tool step05 diy egg foam tool step06 diy egg foam tool step07 diy egg foam tool step08

If you want a "blood dot" in your eggs, take 3 strands of your base egg color and split one of the 3 in half. Take 1 strand of your dot color and split that in half and put it with the 2 1/2 strands of base color to complete the 3 strands needed.

diy egg foam tool samples

How to use it!

  •  Secure your Gel Spun thread to the hook in the middle.
  • Take the tool with a nub of foam sticking out of the end. The nub should be the diameter you want the egg. This will be one half of the egg.
  • Hold the tool to present it to the hook shank at about a 45degree angle and throw 3 wraps of thread over it, each one very firm.
  • Make 3 more wraps on the hook shank under the puff of egg foam and whip finish.
  • Pull the tool back while keeping tension on the foam, it will stretch. Pull about double the length you are going to cut and using your utility scissors make a single quick cut of the foam. You'll want to cut the foam so the diameter matches the other side. It may take a few eggs to get it perfected but once you've done a few you'll be a pro.
  • The egg foam will dull your normal scissors, so be sure to just use some sharp utility scissors.
diy egg foam tool tie-step01 diy egg foam tool tie-step02 diy egg foam tool tie-step03 diy egg foam tool tie-step04 diy egg foam tool tie-step05


Check out the McFly Foam Egg video for more info.


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