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Egg on a Leash Technique

eggs on leashesThis tutorial will show you how to tie an egg out of McFly foam on the tying thread. This technique makes building egg cliusters easy, leeches with trailing eggs (Eggs Over Leechy pattern coming soon!) or tying larger eggs on smaller hooks where the egg would eat up the hook gap.

No special thread is needed for this as you wont be putting a lot of tension on the thread to create the egg. Use the DiY Egg Foam Tool tutorial to build your egg foam dispensers and a little superglue is all you need. 

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McFly Foam Eggs

mcfly foam eggQuick and simple eggs using McFly Foam and the DiY Egg Foam Tool. Using the tool and this method you can crank out a dozen eggs in less than 10 minutes making re-stocking those boxes for the next trip a breeze.

Check out the DiY Egg Foam Tool tutorial for how to make and load the simple yet effective tool for tying these eggs.




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Spencer Higa's SOS

sos done sideI was first introduced to this pattern while fishing for Apaches on the White River. A buddy was slaying them, and I was struggling to pick them up on my rotation into the "hole". He offered up this little fly and said it was the SOS (Save Our Skin) and boy did it. Changing to this fly as the dropper yielded a fish on almost every drift.

Originated by Spencer Higa and sold by Orvis, this awesome pattern has been a go-to fly for me just about everywhere I've fished for trout with droppers. Give it a try and see if its just the Distress Signal you needed to land more fish.

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Game Changer Style - Fish Spine Articulated Streamer

game changer on viseThis style of fly is gaining a lot of popularity since the Flymen Fishing Co. Articulated Fish Spines hit the market. Originated by Blane Chocklett of New Angle Fishing Company this style of fly allows the fly fisherman to present a large, full streamer to the fish with tons of action, more so than just a large EP style baitfish pattern. The stepped up in length articulated spines allow the fly to actually impart a swimming action when stripped in, its quite impressive the first time you see it in the water.

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Damien Craw

damien craw step32The Damien Craw as its been named by a friend is a pretty simple crayfish pattern using the new Flymen Fishing Co. CrawBodies. These are a laser cut suede crayfish "template" you could call them.

I picked up some from Ron Weber of Southwest Custom Rods the other day and decided to try my hand at some crayfish patterns using them.

The action in the water with these is great, and they look amazing wet. Give them a try for your favorite Bass or Browns and see if they like them as much as I do!

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Surfin' Merkin

surfin merkin step16The Surfin' Merkin is a saltwater pattern by Paul Cronin and is very popular for sight fishing for Corbina in Southern California. The eyes on this fly help it get down quickly and ride hook up to keep that hook sharp when dragging through the sand and rocks.

Tie up a few of these in a couple sizes for your next trip to the surf. The bright pink is a popular color as well as gray.


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White Trash Nymph

white trash nymphThe White Trash Nymph has been working great as a dropper on the local Bass and Bluegill lakes recently. The bedded bass really seemed to hate this fly and numerous largemouth were caught while bluegill fishing over the past few months along with some bruiser bluegill as well.  

Its a simple tie, and very effective. It is pretty much a Flashback Hares Ear using  a white Simi Seal like dubbing I've been experimenting with.

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Flashback Hares Ear

fb hares earThe Flashback Hares Ear is my go-to dropper for most stillwater situations, I have a hard time finding another nymph in my boxes that is as consistient a producer as this fly.


Its a simple tie, and very effective. I don't tie it exactly to tradition opting to omit certain items to speed up the tying process as I go through a lot of these flies.


I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I do.

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