Egg on a Leash Technique

eggs on leashesThis tutorial will show you how to tie an egg out of McFly foam on the tying thread. This technique makes building egg cliusters easy, leeches with trailing eggs (Eggs Over Leechy pattern coming soon!) or tying larger eggs on smaller hooks where the egg would eat up the hook gap.

No special thread is needed for this as you wont be putting a lot of tension on the thread to create the egg. Use the DiY Egg Foam Tool tutorial to build your egg foam dispensers and a little superglue is all you need. 

Tying Instructions

egg on a leash step01First lock a scrap hook in your vise as a working platform. We will only be tying the thread on this, it wont be part of the end product. Secure your thread about the mid point. 



egg on a leash step02Superglue with a fine tip brush works best, but any superglue will work, just don't use too much in the next step.



egg on a leash step03Pull out a few inches of thread and place a drop of glue in the middle. This is where your egg will be on the thread. So if you need more leash, put the drop a little further down the thread.



egg on a leash step04Take your Egg Foam Tool and pull out enough egg foam to make the one half of your egg. Place it on the glue spot on the thread making sure the thread is on the foam and not resting on the tool. 



egg on a leash step05Make 4 tight wraps around the foam using the Egg tool to guide them down onto eachother. 



egg on a leash step06Lock in the wraps from the previous step by bringing your thread around the thread coming from the hook. This will bring both threads together so when they are wrapped back up to the hook there is not a gap for the egg foam to slip through.



egg on a leash step07Bring the thread back up to the hook and secure it back down to the other standing piece of thread with a few wraps. 


egg on a leash step08This and the previous step are identical to making a "dubbing loop" except instead of spinning dubbing in the loop, your egg foam is trapped in wraps at the end of the loop.



egg on a leash step09Pull a little foam out of the Egg Foam Tool, about double what you want to cut to match the first side of the egg. 



egg on a leash step10Using sharp scissors, but not your fine tying scissors as egg foam dulls them quickly, cut the foam in one stroke.



egg on a leash step11Roll the egg between your fingers to brush the egg foam together into a nice round ball.



egg on a leash step12Thats all there is to it! 

Just keep tying eggs on the same hook, no need to clip off the previous ones till you're done. 

When done, just grab all the eggs and cut them off the hook shank. They will not come undone sitting on the tying bench, and they will be ready to be used whenever you need an egg for a pattern.


eggs on leashes




Tying Video

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