Saltwater Flies

Surfin' Merkin

surfin merkin step16The Surfin' Merkin is a saltwater pattern by Paul Cronin and is very popular for sight fishing for Corbina in Southern California. The eyes on this fly help it get down quickly and ride hook up to keep that hook sharp when dragging through the sand and rocks.

Tie up a few of these in a couple sizes for your next trip to the surf. The bright pink is a popular color as well as gray.


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JJ's Succulent Shrimp

jj succulent shrimpI created this pattern from looking at other patterns out there and combining some of the best elements from them. Its an easy tie that produces a great looking shrimp. Colors could be altered to match your local "hatch" as well. 

The weight at the eye of the hook makes this fly ride hook point up to keep from snagging the bottom, and also gives it a nice swim and dive when retrieved. The back is covered in UV resin to add durabilility, this fly should last quite a few fish.

I hope you have success with this pattern and enjoy tying them as much as I do!

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