Damien Craw

damien craw step32The Damien Craw as its been named by a friend is a pretty simple crayfish pattern using the new Flymen Fishing Co. CrawBodies. These are a laser cut suede crayfish "template" you could call them.

I picked up some from Ron Weber of Southwest Custom Rods the other day and decided to try my hand at some crayfish patterns using them.

The action in the water with these is great, and they look amazing wet. Give them a try for your favorite Bass or Browns and see if they like them as much as I do!

Materials List
Hook: Size 6 3xl Long
Thread: Brown 8/0
Mouthparts: Brown/Olive Marabou
Antennae: Pumpkin Sili Legs
Eyes: Red Nylon with Small Red Bead (aka Damien Eyes!)
Over Body: Flymen Fishing Co. Craw Body - Medium - Coated in Solarez F-L-E-X UV Resin
Under Body: Canadian Olive Simi Seal
Legs:  Olive Hen Hackle
Weight:  10 turns of thick lead
Rib:  Medium UTC Black Ultra Wire



Tying Instructions

damien craw step02Secure your hook in the vice hook point riding up. Start your thread under the hookpoint and move to the bend.


damien craw step01


damien craw step04Pick out some Olive/Brown marabou fibers and secure them at the bend to represent mouthparts.


damien craw step03

damien craw step05Tie in 2 Pumpkin colored Sili Legs as Antennae. About body length.

damien craw step07Tie in one of the CrawBodies by the tip and secure well.


damien craw step06a damien craw step06b damien craw step06c

damien craw step09Create a pair of eyes from some red nylon, melted on the end and a small 10/0 red bead slid on and superglued in place.

I get my red and black nylon material I use for eyes from a Libman Broom.

Tie the eyes in on the sides of the hook as shown.


damien craw step08 damien craw step08a

damien craw step10Coat the eyes with some superglue and let it dry for a second before proceeding to the next step with the dubbing.

damien craw step12Dub over your eyes and make the start of the underbody of the fly using Candian Olive Simi Seal.


damien craw step11

damien craw step15Tie in an Olive hen hackle by the tip and dub further down to the end of the eye stalks with the Canadian Olive Simi Seal.


damien craw step13 damien craw step14

damien craw step18Wrap the hackle foward to the end of the dubbing to create legs.

Trim the hackle extending up into the hook gap so it does not interfere with the Craw Body when its folded over.


damien craw step16

damien craw step20Wrap some .030 lead wire at the front of the hook, about 10 wraps.


damien craw step19

damien craw step22Secure some Med UTC Black Ultra Wire at the end of the Eye Stalks and pull it to the back for now. We'll be using this later to rib the Craw Body. 


damien craw step21

damien craw step23Finish dubbing over the lead with your Canadian Olive Simi Seal.

damien craw step25Put a nice drop of glue on top of the dubbing at the head. Fold the Craw Body over and press down so it sticks where you just glued.


damien craw step24

damien craw step26Take your Black Wire and Rib over the Craw Body in the provided cut outs in the Boxy. Secure the wire at the eye, whip finish and trim your thread.

damien craw step28Take your UV Resin, I used Solarez F-L-E-X, and coat the top of the Craw Body, leaving the Elbows clean without resin. By leaving the elbows uncoated the claws are able to move freely when stripped.

The Solarez F-L-E-X is pretty thick, so its a breeze to work with on this fly. It doesn't soak in as fast as some of the other thinner resins, so a single thicker coat is all you need instead of 2 coats with another thinner resin. For thinner resin, just spread around a thin coat, and let it soak in a bit to change the color of the body and hit it with your light. then add a nice top coat to give it a shine and some depth.


damien craw step27

The finished fly!

damien craw step32


damien craw step29 damien craw step30 damien craw step31


damien craw step33

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